Cost of Permit Expediting Services in 2021

Cost of Permit Expediting Services in 2021

Construction permits are the essential documents required from your city or town to start the building work. In most of the areas, building codes dictate that a permit is essential  for your new construction and addition. Permit expediting services help the home owners as well as the commercial building contractors to obtain permit approval in a streamlined way.

Construction permit expeditors are also required for adding or alteration of MEP service, demolition of an existing building structure as well as for installation of fire suppression systems. Since, each city has its own set of permits and so is the cost variation.

Why do you need permit expediting services?

If you want to get a building project off the ground, be it for a new home, a remodeling project, or a home addition, you should be aware of the cost of hiring a building permit expediter. In case you don’t appoint a permit facilitator, you have to pay heed to the bureaucratic headache.

So, if you are staying in Washington DC or Maryland areas, you can get rid of the stress involved in the permit approval process, by appointing DCRA permit expediter or Maryland permit expediter respectively. The competent construction permit expeditors often provide accurate permit drawing services, that are essential for securing building permits.

What should you expect from Maryland or DCRA permit expediters?

Now, if you are in Maryland or DCRA and want a building permit in these two cities, you may have to wait for around 2 hours every day in the waiting line. Here, an expert DCRA or Maryland permit expediter can help you obtain the permit without waiting for long hours in the line.

The permit experts know all the administrative nitpicking and provide you the following permit expediting services:
  • Making investigation to administrative agencies and determining the project requirements.
  • Submitting essential documents to agencies for review.
  • Undertaking regular status checks till the approval or corrections of specific plans.
  • Modifying and submitting details to architects or customers for seeking approvals.
  • Resubmitting documents to appropriate agencies.
  • Executing follow-ups as per requirements till the approvals of the building plans
  • Providing status reports to the customers.
  • Collecting paperwork for final sign-off and finishing the process of permit approval.

What is the cost of the building permit expediter?

If you want to appoint a building permit expediter, here is  an overview of the cost of getting permit expediting services in 2021. The following costs are only meant for providing a general idea of permitting fees  for common building projects. However, remember that the actual cost of a construction permit service may vary based on the location, the reputation of the company, types of building project, and various other factors.

National, Average, Maximum & Minimum Cost of Hiring Building Permit Expeditor:

  • Average national cost – $560 (approximately)
  • Minimum cost– $259 (approximately)
  • Maximum cost – $1100 (approximately)

Get your free quotes from DCRA Permit – one of the best Washington, DC and Maryland permit expediters. Consult the permit service company at 202-465-4830 to obtain competent permit expediting services in a fast and easy way.