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About DCRA Permit Expediter

Our Permit expeditors help you obtain permits at the right time!

Obtaining a building permit is frequently a challenging and time-consuming process for new construction, remodeling, or existing structures. Whether a building is for commercial or residential use, permit expediting services are necessary if significant structural, electrical, and plumbing alterations are undertaken. With permit expediters there are no bottlenecks but right maintenance of project schedule.

Nothing to fret when permit expeditors review plans, track team response











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Permit Advisors

Consult our permit expediters to experience no permitting mistake or resubmittal delays. We collaborate with local jurisdiction, including code enforcement, to resolve issues that may occur before or during building permit process.
Permit Services:

  • Single Family Permit
  • Retail Permit
  • Office Build-Out Permit
  • Medical / Healthcare & Fitness Permit
  • Educational permit
  • Multi Family Permit
  • Commercial Permit
  • Industrial Permit

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      Why Choose Us

      No Stop Work Order, Seamless Permit, Quick Approval

      Right assistance to homebuilders, contractor and building owners for new building construction! If you are stuck in the process of securing a permit, permit expeditors extend support with permit service requirements. Never worry about getting penalized for contacting the wrong party.

      Flawless Project Progress

      We will help you stick to the right building plan and determine project progress in a flawless manner. We consider engineering data, sectional drawings, elevations, and other information to ensure that the building design contains all the necessary information for a speedy permit approval.

      Earlier Analysis

      We perform an early analysis and go through the building permit process instead of running the chances of encountering new issues and incurring more costs. We organize building approval and keep projects on schedule.

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