Healthcare Permit

Permit Expediting Services for Medical, Healthcare & Fitness Construction

Healthcare establishment permit services are a must these days! Wondering why? Here are the reasons which make it essential for permit expedition of medical, healthcare and fitness establishments.

Healthcare Institutions

Different types of healthcare institutions range in size from independent doctor's offices to nursing homes and hospitals. Several healthcare facilities have seen a rise in construction during the past few years.

Medical Care

Since customers have discovered that urgent care walk-in facilities are more efficient for minor ailments and urgent medical care than emergency rooms, there has been significant expansion in these services. There are also building patient walk-in clinics inside large box stores and neighborhood shopping malls.

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Examples of typical healthcare construction projects:

Repaving and restriping parking lots

  • ADA accessibility, landscaping & signage
  • Rooftop HVAC replacement units (RTU)
  • Fiber wire and telecommunications lines for network cabling
  • Renovations or additions to restrooms
  • Renovations to the kitchen area
  • Modifications to the food preparation and service areas
  • Painting, new lighting fixtures, and new flooring

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