Why Homeowners Should Get A Building Permit Expediter?

Why Homeowners Should Get A Building Permit Expediter?

April 27, 2021 dcrapermit 62 Comments

Even the homeowner needs a building permit expediter. It’s a step that you skip at your own risk. While seeking a home improvement, you should devote significant time, to the color, style, etc. You also have to decide whether you would appoint an architect or a contractor.

However, the most significant aspect is determining the conditions, under which you would get a building permit for your city or county. Let’s delve into the details of ‘When and why you need construction permit expeditors?’ ,‘What would happen if you skip a permit?’ But before that, let’s take a quick look at the ‘What is building permit expediting services?’ and ‘How to make building permit applications?’

What are Building Permit Expediting Services?

Building permits are the authorizations issued by a county or city. These are essential for project remodeling as well as for new construction. Permit expeditors in Washington DC help homeowners obtain building permits, ensuring the safety of work and compliance with construction and zoning codes.

Some of the permit expediting services include filing paperwork, stop work order removal, design reviews, feasibility analysis, etc. Even though the process varies as per location, the steps for obtaining building permits are common to some extent.

How to Make Building Permit Applications?

  • Preparing a site plan for construction: If your project is extensive, you need to appoint an architect for drawing the project, as it would be constructed for meeting building and zoning codes.
  • Scheduling appointments for plan approval: You could get approval personally at the counter. Or, you may take the help of DCRA permit expediter or Maryland permit expediter. Sometimes the city may take several days for reviewing plans. The process may further be extended if amendments are made.
  • Obtaining the permit: Whenever, a permit is required, you should obtain it before starting construction on your property.
  • Scheduling inspections: After performing construction, you need to schedule inspections throughout the process, so that the city can verify that as per plans.
  • Completing projects & obtaining approval: The final stage includes project completion and obtaining the final city approval.

When and Why You Need Construction Permit Expeditors?

Now, comes the question of ‘When do you need a building permit expediter?’ and ‘Why do you need permit expeditors for your construction projects?’ Well, the fact is that all building projects do not need a permit. Whether a project requires a permit, depends to a great extent on local building codes.

Municipalities are governed by their own codes, and having their own permitting requirements. Regional problems are often reflected in a code. To take instance, safety considerations may be caused by humidity or heat. Rural regions susceptible to forest fires may embrace strict fireproofing requirements. Even the requirements of DCRA permit expediters are different for Maryland permit expediters.

Reasons for appointing a construction permit expeditor may include:

  • Adding or removing walls
  • Modifying rooms, by converting garage to living rooms
  • Changing pipes in your home
  • Re-roofing houses
  • Demolishing a part of the house

Projects that don’t require help from building permit expediters include:

  • Repainting house
  • Kitchen cabinet addition
  • Replacing some kitchen appliances
  • Floor covering installation
  • Small fence erection

Sometimes, you may be required to obtain special permits, like mechanical, electrical and plumbing permits. You need a plumbing permit if you are planning to install an underground lawn sprinkler. A mechanical permit is required for installing an air conditioning unit. The technique of finding out whether your project needs a permit is by consulting the building permit office of your city. Further, information is available online.

What would Happen if you Skip a Permit?

If your construction requires a permit, and if you are working with a contractor who advises skipping the step, go to an expert permit expediting company. How cumbersome may be the permitting process, professional permit expeditors in Washington DC can help you find the right solution. Trusting these permit facilitators would help you avoid project closure.