Top 10 Permit Expediting Services for Construction

Top 10 Permit Expediting Services for Construction

Building permit expediting services are the priorities of the home builders and the building owners. If a building doesn’t get a permit from the local body, the construction won’t be completed. Consequently, this would lead to delays, enhancing the time for project completion.

Top building permit expediters are the skilled professionals who advise clients to keep construction projects on schedule and within budget. Construction permit expeditors in DC, Maryland, etc. are facilitating various permit requirements of the customers for residential and commercial projects.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 permit expediting services:

  1. Addition-Alteration Repair Permit:
    DCRA permit expediters are often involved in the process of seeking approval for addition-alteration repair permits. These permit services are required for adding or remodeling a building, including single-family, multi-family, residential, commercial, industrial or infrastructural construction.
  2. After Hours Permit:
    Construction conducted outside permitted construction hours requires a permit for after-hours construction. Maryland permits expediters are involved in the process of seeking after-hour permits.
  3. Awning Permit:
    Awning constitutes an architectural projection, providing weather protection for the sake of decoration. This is supported by the building attached to it. So, If an awning has to be installed outside a commercial or industrial building in DC on the first floor or the ground floor, an awning permit approval is essential for the same.
  4. Postcard Permit:
    A postcard permit comprises an online building permit for small-scale building projects, that are limited to the work scope determined by DCRA. Experienced building permit expediters could rightly tell you whether repairing a fence up to a certain height above the grade requires postcard permit approval or not.
  5. Excavation Permit:
    Construction permit expeditors also have to deal with excavation permit approvals for construction activities in the public area. This type of permit service is necessary while excavating a portion of the road.
  6. Capacity Placard Permit:
    DCRA permit expediters often have to work with Capacity Placard Permit. District of Columbia Construction Code necessitates all assembled occupancies to have an occupancy load of the room close to the main exit or access door.
  7. Demolition Permit:
    A demolition permit constitutes to be a legal document providing the building owners with the right to demolish any structure that requires a permit for construction. Maryland permit expediters are often involved in this building project, which requires the elimination of structural members, together with the change of the exterior envelope.
  8. Fence Permit:
    A fence shield building inhabitant from neighbors keeps pets inside and helps kids stay safe. Building a fence sometimes requires a permit from the local building or planning office.
  9. Foundation Permit:
    The purpose of the Foundation Permit is to clarify Building Division requirements. This permit is issued for the foundation of the proposed building development.
  10. Garage Permit:
    Garages may look simple, but sometimes they contain a lot of electrical work. So, the consequence of building a garage without a permit could be severe, leading to the risk of careless construction. Homeowners often required to pay hefty fines for missing a permit. Get your garage permit from top building permit expediters while adding a new garage.

These are the top 10 permit expediting services. So, don’t ignore the necessary building permits required by the jurisdiction of your state. Seek one of the best construction permit expeditors in USA from a permit facilitating company and create your buildings with proper inspection, avoiding heavy fines in the future.