Top 4 BIM Services for Home Builders in the USA

Top 4 BIM Services for Home Builders in the USA

April 29, 2020 dcrapermit No Comments

Seeking home designing services in the USA?

You need to find out a competent home planner for designing the architecture of your home in the most proficient style. Top BIM Companies in the USA also provide BIM Services for Home Builders. Availing these services helps to analyze the requirements of residential and commercial construction projects.

Some of the BIM deliverables for Home Builders include:

  • Design & Drafting Services: BIM professionals create various designs matching the original model. Using an intelligent 3D BIM model, the BIM engineers can provide an exact virtual mock-up of the planned building and help design-build firms in DC through a Common Data Environment.
  • 3D Modeling Services: With the help of 3D BIM Modeling services, using software applications like Autodesk Revit, expert BIM engineers can create quality output and accurate dimension detailing for home builders.
    The 3D BIM Model facilitates making the right BIM implementation through a comprehensive floor plan design as well as construction scheduling. The 3D BIM Model also helps in clash detection and constructability analysis of buildings.
    Usually, the engineers pass the BIM Model through Quality Check, ensuring the practicality of the model to clients. The BIM model also facilitates making marketing presentations for winning construction projects.
  • Construction Drawings: Construction Documents or construction drawings for home builders can also be created using Building Information Modeling. The BIM experts stay updated with local codes to provide complete construction drawings with foundation, elevation plans, sectional drawings, and detailed floor plans.
    They make a comprehensive analysis of the construction site and floor plan, helping home builders to get an insight into the total number of buildings and project cost estimation.
  • Quantity Take-Off: 3D BIM models can also produce accurate quantity take-off and estimation for home builders. Building Information Modeling plays a crucial role in creating accurate quantity take-off, assisting home builders during tender management, building project estimation with detailed cost analysis, and tracking the building development as per schedule and budget.