Tactics of Working with BIM As-Built Drawings for AEC Industry

Tactics of Working with BIM As-Built Drawings for AEC Industry

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Do you want to know the tactics of working with BIM As-Built Drawings? Architectural and engineering firms in DC revise the new design drawings for as-built drawings, bringing changes in many fields. Competent BIM experts make design modifications through relocating modules for effective coordination and rerouting distribution.

With the expertise of working in a wide array of Construction & Townhomes renovation projects Washington DC, customized as-built drawings are created by the BIM Engineers for meeting client specifications like the surveys, evacuation plans, floor plans, and several other as-built drawing services.

Let’s have a look at the tactics of recording BIM As-Built Drawings for construction projects:

The BIM experts ensure drawing accuracy as per the following strategies:

  • Strikeout words like ‘equal to’& change that with exact information during construction
  • Ensure the same scale used in original drawings while adding drawing details
  • Maintain old details by drawing score lines or “X” through them to make the changes clear
  • Deliver details of the modifications made in fabrication, installation, location, sizing, material
  • Provide essential info on the designed systems of the contractors
  • Embrace elevations & grade alterations on pipe utility and earthwork
  • Record surprising obstructions on-site
  • Generate As-Built Drawings, not as an assortment of pages involving changes
  • Ensure sealed plan modification for supplemental pages
  • Take account of modifications arising out of the ultimate inspection process
  • Make a record of As-Built Drawings using Red for removed items, Green for additional items & Blue for special information
  • Denote specific actions rather than referencing change-order statistics or related documents
  • Use a written clarification to define modifications, eluding abbreviations & clear lettering
  • Enhance revision notes to section view, notes, profiles as well as schedules
  • Endorse uniformity while adding notes & using the same figure to signify alterations
  • Add related shop drawings as an add-on to As-Built Drawings
  • Update index sheet for demonstrating the latest drawing addition
  • Create specific notes on underground utilities, presenting exact location, depth & materials
  • Stamp title sheet with “Record Drawing As-Built,” together with contractor’s details
  • Prepare a PDF of As-Built Drawings for emailing, cloud storage posting, or copying to CD

Competent BIM Services Companies make use of the blueprint app to allow redline drawings in the field together with mark-ups. The as-built mark-up tools used by the engineers and architects contain highlighters, clouds, arrows, and text comments, in a variety of colors. Other commonly used applications by BIM engineers include PlanGrid, ArcGIS, and FieldWire.