Considerations for Basement Renovation Permit in Washington, DC

Considerations for Basement Renovation Permit in Washington, DC

April 30, 2020 dcrapermit No Comments

Are you worried about your basement renovation permit in Washington DC? Do you need to do inspections about your renovation in DC?

Well, it’s indeed a big obstacle to get started. If you need a permit for your basement, you should pass the inspection. The most common revamp to a basement is the addition of an extra bedroom, a bath, or a kitchen. While modernizing a basement to add space, permits are essential and architectural plans are required to be filed with the DOB.

The refinishing basement is one of the projects that people think they can do without a building permit, as the work isn’t noticeable from the street. However, that is a mistake. If you are caught, the Building Department can force you to legalize the work or eliminate the enhancements.

What will happen if you don’t obtain the permit? Simply huge fines and you may land yourself in jail. So, what’s the alternative?

Let your basement renovation permit reviews and inspection be done with one of the best permit expediting service providers in Washington, DC. The inspection will help you to review your building process by a licensed & expert professional who will ensure that everything is safe.

  • Let your Permit Expeditors Help You: You should consider the fact that inspectors undertake hundreds of inspections every month. They inspect new construction, building renovations, and additions. So, you should respect their time. Clean up before you seek their help. Ensure it’s easy for the permit expeditors to see what they need to inspect. If they’re coming to review electrical trades, make sure of the fact that you check all outlet boxes and the electrical panel.
  • Stay Home at the Tim of Inspection: Ensure that you are at home while the permit expeditors come for an inspection. Don’t let your family members deal with them as you need to communicate your concerns. They may have some questions and instructions that you’ll need to hear. You can also ask your contractor to be with you or be available over the phone to answer questions or get feedback.

    Don’t expect an electrical permit expeditor to inspect every single element. If you place 20 electrical boxes for outlets, the inspecting authorities may check just 3 to 4. In case the electrical outlets look good, they will assume that you know what you’re undertaking. The outcome is that they need to trust your work and it’s difficult to trust someone else who isn’t there in person.

  • Go Online & Find the Website of Countries: Go ahead and check out the permit expediting websites of your countries to delve deep into the permitting process. Get your rough design and application finished, pick up time, and apply.

If you have trouble passing an inspection, get in touch with one of the competent permit expediting service providers in DC who are managing building permit applications for new construction and renovations.