Permit Expediting Services – Process, Challenges & Solution

Currently, permit expediting services in DC are executing a solution instead of working on a process. There are subtle differences between the two principles and here you will get to know which type of firm you should hire for your building project approval. Permit advisors implement solutions mainly for commercial and residential construction projects.

What is the Permit Expediting Process?

Every municipality has it’s own approval process, and most people are able to figure out that for the safety of their building. Irrespective of whether it’s permit expediting services in DC, or Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore, or other areas in USA, certain common protocols work for all service providers.

Let’s take a look at the process considered by most permit expediting services in DC.

  1. Pre-screen plans – Building plans are pre-screened at the counter of the Jurisdiction Having Authority (JHA) by a counter clerk looking forward to review plans and save time. Items that seek formatting and the codes that are misunderstood are carefully reviewed by the plan checkers. To take an instance in some cases, every trade needs to be considered in one package for the plan checker. Hence, all building services, encompassing architectural, structural and mep services are considered by the plan checker for review.
  • Determining plan check process – As soon as the plan is taken by the Jurisdiction Having Authority (JHA), you will get to know how long the plan review process will take place. If a building project succeeds, top permit expediting services in DC update their clients about the programs, proactively monitoring the process.
  • Issuing comments on building plans – The JHA issues comments on building plans and call the person applying for the DCRA permit  expedition services. This is where most process-based services get  delayed. Ideally, permit expeditors are accountable for  making the comments as well as correcting the letters back to the architects, in order that they could return to work. However, it entirely depends on the building plan.
  • Coordination after re-submittals – After receiving the revised set of plans, the project is re-submitted once again. If then the project is not approved, the previous steps are repeated until approval.

Apparently, this process seems to be a good formula for getting approvals from companies providing permit expediting services in DC. However, you need to weigh up a few considerations, as some challenges are involved in the process.

What are the Challenges of permit expediting process?

  • Delay could blow an approval timeline–Ifat any point of time in the process, there is a delay, the timeline is blown. Architects may take a long time to issue a revised set of your service. The permit advisors may not pick up the comments immediately. In case, the permit expediters do not submit the plans at the right time, the delay could blow an approval timeline.
  • Charge for resubmission–Service providers taking a strategic approach to the project normally charge on the basis of action taken,  irrespective of whether  the construction project was pushed forward in the queue. Expert permit expediters submit second-round corrections to the city on behalf of the clients and report back as per the city-approved times. However,  the permit expediters charge for the resubmission.

What are the Permit Expediting Solutions?

If there is a challenge, there should be a solution too. An apt solution towards approval helps to get an approval and that’s different from just managing the process. The processes of all cities should be respected.

  1. Choose a firm that perfectly analyze your plan

You need to be careful while selecting a permit expeditor. Opt for a firm who can perfectly analyze and know why it got “kicked back” by the city official. Look for common code interpretations, assemble plan in a different order, which is preferred by the official and ensure that the application is completed in a correct manner. From there, permit advisors could easily form list of contacts for the jurisdiction to see who is assigned to the project. This ensures a streamlined and clear communication from the very beginning.

  • Check that the permit expeditors actively monitor project progress

Seek a permit expediter who is able to actively monitor your project progress by collaborating with the city officials. Responsible permit advisors should provide updates to you about the movement of the city on your building project. Active monitoring of the progress of your building plans is just the beginning of what should you expect from a permit expeditor. It’s the duty of the permit expediting company  to negotiate fees on your behalf and investigate why the plan checker has a problem, even though the code was written on your plans, providing instances of requirements specific to a city.

  • Opt for the company who could manage out of the box ideas

While you are going through a tough time with your building project approval, choose the DCRA permit expedition services that discuss out-of-the-box ideas to work within your city. The permit expeditors should be selecting their established contacts for getting you the right solution.

Remove stop work order &  get DCRA approval 

One of the top permit expediting services in DC, having established relationships with officials of municipalities. Implementing cost-saving strategies,  keeps track of different aspects of the project approval process. The permit expeditors update clients, ensuring open lines of communication amongst jurisdiction, consultants and clients.

permit advisors today for a consultation at 202-465-4830 . Whether it’s a postcard, tenant or other approvals, provides fast and accurate DCRA permit expedition services for residential, commercial, infrastructural, educational and mixed used projects.

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